Health low on sign in

I know this issue has been mentioned before but i just thought i would let yall know that it is still happening. Pretty much every time i log in, my health is at about half. Eating some food bumps it up but the blood spatter around the screen remains. The exact problem is described in this post too:

you can see here that my health is full but the blood spatters are there still.


It’s on the Trello board.

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Perfect, thanks @Mulitigun

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Yes, this bug is also back on my server, nearly daily now.

And now today, it’s in duo-pack, with the no-nudity bug.

Like said, it’s my own server, so i can set nudity like i want, and it set to full since start.
I loged-in, had half-life, plenty blood-splatters around the screen, and was dressed with the undies under my armor.
So i loged as admin, shut health to min. then max, this fix the low health and the bloodsplatters, then went to the nutidy.
Nudity was still on full on my panel. I switchet it several time, nothing. So i shut down my server, looked at my settings, my ini. All was fine. But resaved ini for more security. restarted server.
Still same issue. Can do what i want, no nudity settings is showed while all is set to full.
So here to, good old bug is back !

Worse thing is, your screen is bloody anyway if you heal up and you need to kill yourself for remove this bug. For me is this problem happening every second day

Yes, you need a relog, kill yourself, or admin-command to set it right.
But i need do some tests, more and more sure it’s related to aquilonian armor, or this is a trigger. Today again, and again with this armor. Need further tests to be sure.

I think it is unrelated to the armor we wear. This bug has been persistence for months and before the aquilionian armor was released.

Currently on live official PvE I wear the level 60 relic hunter armor and half the time log off with my sandstorm mask on …but never in a sandstorm. Always inside a building, either in the highlands, normal temperature desert area, edge of swungle or near Narrowneck span. I get this half health login in bug frequently and randomly and recently.

Usually eating any piece of food will instantly jump my health to 100%. The blood splatter effect remains but I don’t bother to relog to get rid of it. Relogging … so long as I don’t come back in and have the same bug …will get rid of the blood splatter
… so no real need to die to get rid of it if you can’t keep your inventory upon death
… at least to me it’s less hassle to relog than pick up all my items and requip it …or risk my corpse will be invisible or lost when I respawn.

Aquilonian Medium armor for Vitality ?

I know it’s an old bug, it was present long time in the live build.
Yes eating any food restore health, but like said, the blood splatters remain. It’s still the same bug.

But yes still looking for the reason, triggers can be several, and we never know.
When i speak about aquilonian, it’s the very first, the vanilla one, nothing to do with dlc’s. But like said, tests are needed, for instant more an intuition let’s say.
But there are also other stuff around i see possible. You mentioned sandstorm mask. We should out the set one here to.

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This is one of the most persistent and annoying bugs in the game.

The armor type is irrelevant. I can go to sleep and log off inside a building with no armor and log in and it happens.

I hate the fact that the fix is killing the character, especially when I have war paint on the character.


A lot of people look at it as simply cosmetic, but it goes deeper than that. It happens to me every time I log in to my Private TestLive server, and happens almost every time I log in on an Official server. If the server is full to capacity, this is no longer a trivial cosmetic problem, because I won’t be able to use my preferred method of clearing the error. It comes across terrible on a recording or stream, and makes this beautiful game look corrupted.

Every time I log in to a server, I immediately exit to menu. Then after I log in a second time, I take a little fall damage, jump onto some spikes or get hit by an npc and it’s fixed.


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