Low health on log-in, blood splatters

Testlive - privat set-up test-server

So i started some tests a few days ago.

Today while relogging, a new old bug showed up again. Low health on log-in.

While health quickly raise again while consuming some food, it’s still a bug. Also the blood-splatters don’t go away on screen, but still stay in a pale version over time.

Then some other smaller bugs i mentioned, some on the fun side.

Animal may strike a t-pose while killed like this :

Then the stairway to heaven bug like i call it, without stairway of course :laughing:

This isn’t due to some lag, it’s still the same gazelle, spawning, and walking up in sky, while the others around are doing standart behaviors. Observed it over and over, it spawns in, then walk up in sky, slowly, slowly, before disaspearing in the far.
Like said, for me the funny-bug part, nothing game breaking, but still.

Sorry…I can’t…help…myself…

Is that a reindeer? Could that be Rudolph? :christmas_tree:


The half health and blood splatter on screen is a live bug, not just testlive. It’s never fully fixed on live that I know of.

yeah I get it on both Live and Testlive atm. Seems to be happening more frequently on Testlive though, so hopefully they can fix it.

That was also my first idea, but the red nose is missing, but it became a friend today, second one appeared, so waiting if i see the sledge. :grin:

Yes, like so many old/new bugs. But it’s irritating, ever if not game-breaking. It’s after each server restart. A relog fix it, but still…

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