Health regeneration not working while offline so dying from elemental damage while logged out

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: Oceania offical server

Every time I log out of the game after leaving my character in the frozen north and then log back in I’m sent to the starting zone with no items on me at all. Happened the last 4 times now. I think it’s to do with the character taking cold elemental damage while logged out

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in
2.go to the frozen north
3.log out

Are you in your house when you log out? Moody likely someone is coming along and killing you while you’re offline.

Yea in my house made or steel and black ice

Firgured out the problem which is health regeneration isn’t working while logged off.

Logged off in the desert for over 10 mins and logged back in and my body was exactly where I left it.

I then logged off for less than 5 mins in my base in the frozen north and when I logged back in my health was less that half as I’m obviously taking elemental damage from the cold while being logged out which never happened before the patch.

You cant be in the north with out Warm armor on anymore. I found that out myself. You cant heal or survive in the cold anymore.

I play on servers where your body doesn’t remain in the world, but even so, I didn’t think you could die of cold whilst offline? If this was the case, you’d also die of thirst or hunger too

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Nah I’ve died of hunger offline a couple of times… logged out and when I logged in again I was in the desert… put it down to a glitch so I get where @saorsa is coming from.

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You can still survive in the cold without cold resistant gear on while logged on if you have the perks like health regen and the one that reduces the damage but as soon as you log off your character dies :expressionless:

I did and you still die

No you don’t. With health regen completely naked with no gear on at all I can stand in ‘extremely cold’ for as long as I want and I won’t die. Every second my health drops from 394 to 392 and then back again. It doesn’t drop below 2 health for me

So you have the perks ‘impervious’ and ‘fierce vitality’ unlocked?

Yes I died getting black ice and I had to make a new set to just get my body. You cant run naked up in the snow anymore. Kills yeah quick

And here I am mining black ice in the cold with no gear not and not dying

Just to prove I have no gear with me

And swimming in a frozen lake with frostbite no gear and still not dying :scream:

Either way you’re going off topic as the original post was about before the patch my character was not taking damage while logged off in the frozen north and after the patch the character now takes damage and dies while logged off in the frozen north.

If you want to make a new thread about what gear you wear and don’t wear in the frozen north you’re more than welcome

WOW!!! I dont know then! Maybe I need to re-spec. I have those same perks. I guess regen is broken for me to then. :frowning:

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