Server restart kill bug

Game mode: PvP
Problem: server restart killed my character, inventory lost
Region: America
Official server #3801 PvP us

So around 3:55 am (GMT-5) I went offline, according to server history at 07.10.04 server went off, at 07.14.23 it went online again.

07.21.44 my character died by freezing
07.53.44 my whole inventory disappeared

I was in the snow area and since a couple of my armor pieces broke prior It caused extreme cold which deal damage, however, where I was currently at (which is the same place I logged off at) it was a reinforced black ice structure that provides cold isolation and resistance. I didn’t had extreme cold in the place I logged off before nor at the moment of loggin off.

I also have the vitality perk level 2 (Impervious) that provides temperature resistance and the vitality perk level 3 (Fierce Vitality) that provides passive health regeneration.

My guess is that the server restart didn’t load the Cold resistance provided by the black ice structure in my offline character causing him to be freezing in the place due to the zone temperature and killing him soon after

I’m new to the forums so I hope this helps and if possible I can retrieve my lost inventory

Have a nice day everyone

Edit: Forgot to add, this all happened 2020.05.23

Hello @artrevi, welcome to the community!

We’re aware of an issue with temperature bonuses not being correctly re-applied to offline characters after server restarts, this is being looked into and should be addressed in an upcoming patch.

For now we’d recommend depositing all your inventory in a chest before logging off, which should help prevent any possible loss of items should something happen to your character while you’re offline.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers, apologies for the inconvenience.

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