Hearth heat stroke

Decided to be a homemaker and decorate my bed chamber with a hearth. Bad idea. Nearly died of a heat stroke. Can we get a reduced temp settig? High, medium, low? Or maybe just an on off setting?

The problem is, they turn back on when the server restarts. And since Official servers restart when most folks are still in bed… Well, you login to find that you died in your sleep and lost any gear you didn’t stow.

Now if only fireplaces would retain their setting across server reboots, we could have our decor and enjoy it too.

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Heart? What is that

A thing used to craft other things or to get Gorilla Pets from a chest in a cave. Not much useful…

Yep. Check your armour and the foundation type you have the hearth on. If it’s all insulated or suited to the cold, and you have a hearth (or your furnaces running) and you have Black Ice foundations - you are going to cook

or balance it out by placing enough glowing torches around the room… hearth (fireplace) increases temp, glowing torches drop it! (perfect for creating cool log out places for volcano :wink: )

he probably means hearth aka the fireplace!! :slight_smile:

One of those things reported… but never fixed yet. =/.

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