Heavy attack damage vs light attack damage

I’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile. I apparently just lose at Google. Can not find any answer to the comparison of damage between light and heavy attacks. I usually use the Predatory Blade, which is only useful with light attacks. But do any one-handed swords do more damage with a heavy attack than PB’s light attack? Like Black-Ice Boadsword has quite a bit lower damage than PB, so I assume heavy attack doesn’t make up for that much difference, right? But what about swords from mods like Age of Calamitous?

Aside from ‘heavy’ attacks doing a touch more damage you are missing out on the negative status effects with light attacks. Stuff like cripple, sunder, bleed ect. usually only get applied on heavy attacks (not sure about modded weapons). As far as the amount of damage, the Preditory Blade does 102 on light attacks with Master fitting (Fencer fitting would be even higher) and that is the highest damage 1h weapon in the game AFAIK. Happy hunting.

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if 8 remember, predatory does not have heavy attacks, it 100% a light attack weapon. It is its unique trait as a legendary.

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Yeah, that was the whole conversation. OP was comparing the light attack of Preditory Blade to the potential damage of other swords in game that DO use heavy attacks. I might not have been as clear as I hoped. To answer his question directly:

I mentioned that the Preditory Blade is the highest damage (1h) weapon in the game. I also mentioned that by using a sword that only deals damage with light attacks, he will be missing out on the ‘status effects’ that are usually only applied with heavy attacks. Hopefully this makes it more clear. :man_shrugging:


Just to make it even clearer clear :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:: Fencer weapon fitting cannot be applied to the Predatory blade.

But @St.Michael I wouldn’t bother using all heavies on 1H swords, they miss a lot even with target lock. Only use heavy on first to engage the enemy from a greater distance, and the last one to apply cripple and knockdown. So heavy-light-light-heavy (preferably with a shield).

I see you tagged PC so try Hosav’s custom UI mod, it can enable the damage numbers to pop up. Go into your inventory, and the UI menu option will be there.


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