Heavy client side lag

Game mode: [Online, offline]
Type of issue: [Preformance]
Server type: [PVE PVP PVE-C]
Region: [NA]

I’ve played Conan for several years, on and off every few months. I’ve been using the same computer with the same parts since I first got the game.

But for some reason when I reinstalled the game a few days ago to play with a friend I am getting INSANE lag. I will be running around at 55-65 fps. Then it will dip to 5-20.

I have tried launch options, low-end laptop mode, resetting all steam options, resetting Nvidia settings associated with the game.

This is the first time I have ever had the game lag this consistently and this bad. Nothing on any forums, discussions, or guides have helped.

I know it’s not server-based while online because nobody else in the servers has any lag.

Also, after the latest patch, loading into games is super slow and my game often just freezes and doesn’t do anything for 10+ minutes.

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