Hello funcom fix this please and make it fare for everyone

I think y’all should put a cost system in or reset the servers every 6 mouths for these big clans for example if you have 500 walls/ foundations it should cost a certain amount of resources to keep it from decaying it pervent new players from playing your game im not new but to whom are there no way one person or 10 people can take on someone/clans that’s been playing for a year plus i went 9 or 10 servers on pvec and most of them had foundations ever where or buildings that sreve no perpise i love the game but its not fare for single players or new players to get raied bye high lvl players that have built so much that raiding them is impossible or that would take maney mouths to be able to raid them something like rust does im on Xbox so nerver played rust but watch it on YouTube just thought it will help with decaying and big clans from doing whatever they want and if they want a big base it should cost them everyday instead of logging in for 5 mins so it want decay and then leave the server mostly it would be fare to everyone please come up with something to fix these problems cause if i can’t build anywhere or if its not fare what’s the pointof playing

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