How about a better decay-system? Here a new suggestion:

Greetings everyone,

I want to talk about the current decay-system. I think it’s really stupid (sorry, I’m just being real) and it’s costs Funcom active players. Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY, will play this game ever again, after you destroyed his work, just because he was out for one week. This is ridiculous. Imagen this: Somebody build in this game for weeks. has a big castle / home and now he is sick and have to be in a hospital for some time. You really think he will come back and play, after he finds his place ruined and taked over by other players? Not gonna happen. Funcom lose player with this idiotic system and it has to be changed.

My suggestion is: make it the same way like in lords of the rings online. Let people pay “rent” in silver or gold coins, so player, who need to be away from the game for some weeks, can pay rent in advance and come back. Somebody, who really left the game, will not pay the rent. Let it decay after one week without rent?
I really don’t understand how somebody thought the current system were a good idea…




Do not just assume things out of the blue. Its not NOBODY, i repeat it is not. Me and several of my friends had to rebuild several times due to various reasons. And we were fine with it. Ppl got their bases demolished with the broken Set avatar (and i mean demolished, as in a Sepermeru-sized builds just vaporized) and still stayed and rebuilt.
If you lack the patience or appreciation for the gameplay to build again, do not just assume everyone is like you based on your perception only.

The standard setting is 15 days as fare as i know. then you can hold and demolish decayed buildings. The buildings get auto demolished after 21 days i think.

The system also demolishes smaller buildings the consists of less then 7 building blocks with in a few hours. this is to prevent Pillar spamming and such.

If you are talking offline raid protection then yes this would be great to have. There is another great idea for the temple where it could protect a area for tokens. It could be a building hp buff or something else.

I think maybe it just an adjustment of the settings that you want? :thinking: I do believe that it would make sens to put it up a little but i’m not sure.

I will make a post about the temple offline raid protection, that was actually a good idea.

Yes that sounds interesting. The area you are in charge of will incur a charge that depends on the size of your building and that you can pay in advance with iron, gold or silver. Holding tax: D

I’m not assuming it. But I heard enough people in my direct environment, who say exacly this. “If my castle get destroyed, i’m done with this game.” It might be not you or your friends (good for you), but the fact, there are people who think this way should give funcom to think… And btw. the thread is not about how many people like or not like this curernt decay system, you kind of missed the topic :wink:

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It’s a week on official servers as far I know

As an admin of a small PVE-C server I like the decay system (set to more than a week) because it helps me keep the game world clean. However, I still disabled decay because else it is hard to maintain all my admin built buildings like bridges, dungeons, travel stations, etc. It would be cool if you could tag a building as “does not decay” while the rest of the world does decay.


Yeah, that makes a lot of sens :grinning:

Okay, one week is really to low. They should set it to 15 days :upside_down_face:

I did not miss. Just stop presenting your point of view as the undeniable chorus of undivided opinions. Cant say “nobody” if you have no grasp of reality on the matter.
I like this decay system. Because you are not obliged to anything, if you do not play the game for several weeks in a row, there are ppl that do and do want to. Why should they suffer and observe a spot they really like being owned by a month-long offline dude?

Official decay time is 144 hours and some minutes…that equates to 6 days.

There should be something that once you get up in levels, say 40-50, that you can build to expand your decay timer.

Whatever this item may be can only be built once, so you have one of those giant castles in the sky and then a few outposts, you’d only be able to protect one of them for a longer period of time.

So obviously you’d protect your castle in the sky for an extended period of time and if you came back in 2 weeks, you’d have to rebuild your outposts if you wanted them. But at least your main work would be safe.

I figure putting a higher level requirement on it just so you can’t jump on a new server, somewhat grief someone, build your 2x2 box and add said item so it stays up for weeks and then jump to another server and do the same. Higher level requirement to me = you’re more invested into the server and you’re likely to not just stop playing on a whim.

“I did not miss. Just stop presenting your point of view as the undeniable chorus of undivided opinions.”

Stop talking out of your ■■■ pal, it’s not about YOU! Stay on topic please…

“Why should they suffer and observe a spot they really like being owned by a month-long offline dude?”

How do people “suffer” if they can’t bild on my exact place? they can still build everwhere elese lol…such a drama queen smg.

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The decay timer is actually insanely useful in pvp. It keeps the map clear of base clutter after people get taken out. Then with how rough it is to destroy vaults if the clan rage quit you can wait a week and get free loot if it wasnt empty. If your entire tribe leaves the game for a week while knowing this you asked for it.

I like to build in caves. My main base in deserters gutter I just put up walls in both ends and gates in the entryway we use the gates everyday and they still decay. And dissapear. Its bullshkt. How bout a proximity decay reset that way if you use it or are near it it would reset decay.