Hello..please help!

Hello. Is there a merchant mod with settings? So I mod indicate the price and which item to sell.

Pippi mod allows to setup thespians, npcs that can be configured as vendors, if that’s what you are looking for. Pippi is widely used in most private servers, since it allows many things and options for admins and players too. Have a try at it, you won’t be disappointed!

Pippi is awesome and definitely offers a ton of stuff. @Joshtech

Savage Steel too.

There are a lot of mods offering these kinds of placeables, BUT always check how often the mod(s) are updated. If you build with a mod and a patch comes out and the mod is not updated and you have to remove the mod, everything from that mod will de-spawn and that will not be fun. The top two mods do see frequent updates.

Calamitous is also an excellent mod, but you may find it has too much non-Conan Exiles stuff so check all out.

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