Thinking of starting a marketplace...but what to include?

So I use the Pippi mod on my private server, and I think I’ve finally got enough of a hang of it (yeah, I’m that lame) that I want to mess around with the economy settings, set up some Thespians, and establish a small marketplace. “Welcome to Crazy Hakim’s!” Thing is, I’m not sure what I should include for sale. I thought about baby pets, but their decay timer bothers me. (“This…is a dead parrot!”) Converted thralls? Dyes? Alchemical stuff? Small stacks of hard- or annoying-to-get supplies? And what sort of prices should I set? Any & all suggestions are welcome!

On Official Servers, if there’s a marketer I always ask for the Linings to the Epic armor sets. Those are always a pain to make if you’re light on mats, and I typically have plenty of silver or gold to spare. Prices are dependent on economy. On my last server, I bought all five pieces, in light, heavy and medium (multiple sets of) for the low low price of 1,500 bark. Elsewhere I’ve traded gold, skulls or rare and useless weapons. I’m always looking to fairly acquire a crucial shortcut, so other important items would be weapon shafts and other advanced craftables, plus tonics and potions. Nobody ever sells those. Good luck, it sounds fun!

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I dunno if Pippi does pets yet or not, last time I tried it said it would crash the server and barred it. But that they were looking to fix that. They’ve had a few patches since then.

But in my experience Crystal, Star Metal, and Explosive Orbs sell well. And I’d imagine Snake Arrows do now as well.

As for price… this is going to vary server to server. Based on local economies and the conversion rate from gold coin to pippi coin or even if that’s possible.

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You can convert regular gold coins to Pippi coins, 1:1, no problem. Don’t think you can convert back though, which is annoying. Oddly enough, there’s a demand for furnishings. Still no idea on prices. Might be time to dig out the old PHB…

Same here.
Just a few days ago I got curious as one of the admins (of the server I am playing on) was telling me about thespians and setting up quests.
I gave in to the urge and pulled an allnighter putting these nodes together and all that.
I was hooked.

If you are concerned about decay timers - just put these into thespians by using the mushieditor.
(btw: Whoever thought of this name is a genius! Always good for a laught in german.)
Action -> give item. Combine this with i.e. remove funds to stick to using pippi currency or in case of age of calamitous remove item to remove the aoc currency. … Hm… I think I should bring this up for our server. To stick to aoc as our currency… Hm…

On the other hand for your usage I guess that is a lil difficult if you want these guys to act as a merchant.
If you just want some thespian to sell stuff, going for dialogue seems to be the better way to me.
People get to “talk” with their traders and the trader will never run out of stock plus acts as some goldsink device?

Action node -> remove item (search the gold coin); -> action node -> add funds.
Thats not really converting, but I think that is fair enough.

Havent taken a look into convertation of items into pippi currency though.

You can set up a kit to convert back. Also not all servers convert at 1:1 ratio. That is set by the admins of the server. Some do 1:10 or 1:100 or no conversion at all.

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