I'm a PC admin seeking advice on economy

as is stated i’m seeking some advice from fellow admins or even players on how the traders they’ve seen have worked… i’m utilizing pippi as my main currency and i’m trying to decide how i should set my prices in my merchants to sell items mainly weapons and materials as well as deco and stuff from other mods. and i was curious how everyone feels a decent monetary value to item has been aquired… i’m currently making a spreadsheet of all the weapons within the server with damage values and if they give stat bonuses and going to use this as my starting point… pippi currency isn’t going to be super easy to aquire but i want the value per item to be where it can be used as a feasable option for players to gain items but also not be a this is the end all as eventually i want my playerbase to take over most of the cash flow. if anyone has any idea’s or would like to know the full mod list i can post it but it’s not really a key thing i feel as what i’m wanting should be able to be easily changed in the even that we wipe and the mod list changes

Create a formula… Maybe something like:

[Damage (“D”) + Penetration (“P”) + (Durability ÷ 20 (“U”)) + Affect (“A”) + Attribute Points * 10 (“AP”)] * X

D+P+U+A+AP = Base
Base times multiplier X = Price

So if the damage is 54,
the Penetration is 19,
the durability 2500,
it causes cold damage where A=25
and it adds nothing to any attributes AP=0*10
then where X=0.5 :

54+19+125+25+0 = 223
Price: 223 * 0.5 = 111
or if your multiplier X=2 then Price: 223 * 2 = 446.

If it’s an armor piece that gives 3 points on Vitality (3X10) and has cold protection (25) durability of 1200 / 20, then it might look like:

D+P+U+A+AP = Base
115x2 = 230
If X is 2 then X*BASE=230

Etc. etc. This way you can raise or lower the prices by deciding before hand what U, A, and AP should be and then using your multiplier X, to bring things into an acceptable range.

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that’s a pretty good idea i’m already kinda starting with that basing it off damage of weapons plus if they give bonus’s will adjust price even though if i used your formula i’d have to go through and redo a lot of my stuff since i’m using excell it won’t be hard to set up an easy formula to get a good price list
and with that if i change mods i can easily toss new items into the list and it would generate my price for me

There ya go…

And if you would like to weight each one you can add a multiplier to each individually.

So like (Damage = Damage * Damage_Multiplier) or whatever. So if you think damage is way more important than something else just increase the Damage_Multiplier value accordingly.

right right. what is your thoughts on mats? like iron, wood, up to starmetal and into mod stuff like kronyxium from AOC? i was thinking pricing it by “tier” but i really can’t figure out a good tier list and haven’t had time to “farm” different mats to see how quick i can gether it… that was a suggestion i’ve seen for that…

Me, no idea… I’ve never thought about predefined commerce in CE - only a trading system as compared to something like ESO. I did a series of videos to show what that was like in a thread here once. It turned into a really long thread IIRC but if I’m not mistaken I was only active in the first part of it. The playlist for those vids is here if you’re interested in that. Others may be able to address this question though - or maybe using the polling system here to get some idea?

We have also built an economic system based on Pippi money on our server. However, we did not go into detail regarding finished goods, but only priced raw materials and intermediate products. We set these prices based on their occurrence and availability. I then created a web page where our members can look up the approximate value of each raw material. I also added a raw material calculator, which allows the members to list several raw materials and their quantities and displays a total of them.

thanks i’ll look into it. i want my playerbase to handle more of the trading with social merchants and such after awhile my merchants are mainly just meant to be a start

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After hurling thralls from the windows in exasperation over pricing, this formula looks complicated enuf to give it a go - at least then I can blame you! :slight_smile:


I like to throw random prices on the table and when it gets out of hand, I have an excuse to wipe the server because I’m usually bored by the time someone figures out how to exploit it… “planned obsolescence” is not just for phones.

Jesus. I remember when Wayrest was bumping. Is everyone in a different location now or is ESO just getting close to dead?

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This is way OT but the thread isn’t too busy so I’ll take a chance…

It’s still hopping on weekends and during play hours. It’s been about the same for close to two years. The PVP areas often take 30 min. to get in. The quest-givers for the daily dungeons are crowded during peak hours. There’s enough players that I can stand there during rush hour and not see anyone I know from my four or five 200 member guilds. It seems about the same as when it first started hitting. The main difference now is that all of the lands are noob-friendly instead of the graduated levels - so all those n00bs are spread across 12 or more “lands”. But anyway, yeah seems to still be going strong…

ESO in green, CE in blue:

i play ESO off and on as a filler game when i need some change… ESO. BDO, and FFX1V are all games that i think have great aspects but fail in many others… so can’t stick to them…

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