Trade/currency system

Summary: create a series of NPC’s who when interacted with give the player the ability to place items from their inventory for sale, with a corresponding value in gold and silver coins. Simultaneously create a storage system for coins, separate from the inventory with a much higher stacking limit.

Due to the fact that I don’t have any ideas on a way to implement this feature, I hope discussion will assist me in updating this thread.

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I think to have a currency system it would have to be something that we can’t make in game such as the gold and silver coins…

I believe this type of thing is available with the pippi mod if you play on a PC and a private server (or solo/co-op) which is willing to install it.

Pippi, age of calamitious (though you can make the coins), and caishan all 3 have currency

i added a mod that has extra things in the game, including “scales” a type of coin, and some trade posts. the building looks nice (with 2 tapestry / carpets hanging outside with a list of things for buying and selling), but they dont seem to do anything, and i had to spawn in a coin and a shop using admin features, as they dont seem to appear yet.

but another mod has a Buy and Sell merchant and that is working ok. (just lets you sell like 200 bones for a silver coin or something like that) :slight_smile:

Caishan went off the workshop for whatever reason a while back, just an fyi.

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