Banker "merchant" in Sepermeru

This merchant would change 10 silver to 1 gold.


Off topic a wee bit I know, but I would still like to see Bronze/Copper Coins escape the Admin Panel and become a legitimate, fully implemented in game currency.

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Aye, an economical overhaul would be much appreciated.
I don’t know if merchants support an inventory though, since you can only buy one thing from one NPC.

That could perhaps be circumvented by having several objects next to the merchant which triggered a transaction instead.

If that would work, we could actually get more items to buy and also balance the costs of things.
And that would surely be a good time to introduce more coin types.

An Auction House would be cool too so players can sell and buy things.

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i’d actually like NPCs to have… actual useful trades… not a gold for a elephant hide… i’d like weapons and armor to be bought and sold by NPCs… tools… bulk supplies… ect

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