Need a Merchants Town

There should be little gold and silver on the map, especially in Siptah that there is a lot of gold and silver too much, what in my opinion there should be a town of merchants, where you can go with your pack animal or carrier and trade there your surplus in exchange for money, for materials like gold and silver.

@DesperadoFfA I’m not trying to spam the same reply to your suggestions but again this is already a thing on some private servers mate. It would be nice if funcom did mess with the available merchants on officials because by and large the stuff they sell is grossly overpriced and largely useless. The only one I ever use is if I’ve messed up on the map and teleported to the volcano without the right gear, I grab some ice off the merchant there to survive the trip out.

I agree. A merchant market would be cool. Maybe we could even set up a stall in such a market and sell stuff ourselves for a bit?

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