In Game Economy

Hi guys, I was wondering if there was a way to implement Economy on Official Servers.
I mean, we already have coins, why don’t we use them ?

Ok, there are those merchants in Sepermeru that sells you their crappy stuff for your money, but why there are no players selling stuffs ? Ok, coins are basically useless, but that’s the point: we CAN make them useful.

My proposal is to write some sort of Price List for stuff (resources, weapons, thralls) so that we have some values for this things.

The list should be written “Item: Value”

  • Silver Coin: 1
  • Gold Coin: 10
  • Brick: 0,25
  • Hardened Brick: 0,30
  • Iron Bar: 0,2
  • Steel Bar: 1,2
  • Hardened Steel Bar: 2,5

So that lets say I want to buy 100 Hardened Bricks, I have to pay 30 Silver Coins OR 3 Gold Coins to someone who sells them.

This is completely up to us (so no Dev work is involved): we just have to make a list for the main stuff and start thinking to this economy as something real.

PS: forgive my bad english ahah

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It’s entirely possible, and it’s been tried - someone went to a fair bit of trouble to set up a weekly market on my server some months back. Didn’t quite seem to have the popular support it needed though, problem was that there was literally nothing that it was not easier to just make yourself, even as a clanless solo-player like yours truly. Maybe on servers where different clans have virtual monopoly on some resources, it could work?

It does actually open the door to taking a look at how and why money “works” in our societies - and similarly when they don’t (which happens occasionally).

Basically, money only has value when enough people agree that it does - and it usually takes someone powerful to back and enforce that system, such as “a state” in some form.

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Yes that’s the point: this “system” is up to people to apply it or not. And of course we don’t NEED money to get stuff, but it may help and make things easier.

No biome is complete by itself, everyone lacks some resources, and having an Economy System up and running would be great. Also being rich is cool ahah

Too high of a prices. You idea works only if we had a trade option and on PVE servers. On PVP you needed 20 players in your clan. Fight off raiders,farm materials,shop keeper protection. Remember bigger clan more fire power. Also allied yourself with clans.

So people can just lock up themselves in the volcano, farm gold and build sky scrapers at their leisure?
No way, thank you. Play the game, not the auction house.

Sorry I don’t see what’s wrong with this.
No one will force you to sell them your stuff, so what’s the problem ?

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