Trading Post Item Prices

I have a rented server for family and friends (max 10 people) and I’ve been building a trading post for us to use. I’m having issues coming up with prices for items though. I haven’t played the game normally, I’ve just been building lots of things, and don’t know things like how rare some items are versus just their difficulty to get them. I was thinking of using the ingredient grade value as some sort of baseline maybe. I searched for some ideas but haven’t dredged up much. Hoping people can give me some suggestions. Also, not sure on how I should do the Silver to Gold Coin ratio. As there are a lot of items, I’m looking for more of a general number to give a group of items.

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I don’t have a direct answer to your question but I tell you we did that on our server and it was not long before we started to dump gold out in a lake. How much gold does admin need? Now you can spawn in bronze coins as currency. You could buy or sell named crafting thralls. Purchase legendary weapon’s for bronze coins. We set up a arena and spawned in various difficulties of monsters winners got coins. Your best bet on some sort of fair pricing would be to contact someone in the RP community because that’s part of what they do. @Vanecce . No matter what you charge having fun at it is what counts. I come across someone with experience will send them your way.

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