Opinions wanted

Not sure if this is where i would put this but here goes.

I have a server I’m working on and have just about got things where i want it but id like some opinions before i start advertising it. the first and biggest part is I’ve made it where at the start of the game through obelisks you choose a weapons tree to utilise. And that weapon is the only weapon type you can craft and repair. The second main part is I’m adding my own merchant to sell random fighter and archer thralls utilizing the Age of Calamitous currency and would like some thoughts on how much i should make the thalls cost. A note on this is ive removed the coin molds from being producable. And the last part is currently i have it set to pvp without building damage but considering full pvp or making once or twice a month raid days. What are everones thoughts on a server like this.

Should move this to suggestions, not general discussion

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Alright thanks

Actually, this isn’t a suggestion. It’s more for general discussion, since you aren’t really suggesting anything for the devs to add to the game. You just want players to look at, and talk about your server.

Ok i want sure really where to post it i thought originally there…

You had the right idea.

This one is more for stuff you’d like to see added to the game.

Like you could post the Weapon Trees setup you are using as a possible addition to the main game.

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Thanks i think i’ll move it to the players helping players tab as while I’m not looking for help it kinda feels like it would fit there or in the server recruitment discussion tab…

I’d say “Server recruitment”, just add a bit more information about the server, e.g. PvE/PvP, RP server or not, etc.

You might get some input there.

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Lol ok thanks i’ll try there

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