In game economy for RP

I know that we can forge coins and use them as currency but the point of my post is about more control over the coins. I think it would be cool if server settings had an option to turn of the ability to make coins. That way admins could spawn in coins and begin circulating them. So then coins could become a more valuable item cause as of now once you unlock it anyone can create coins so it would mess up a true economy. Of course that is just my opinion but I thin it would be kinda cool for RP servers.

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Even with the ability to mint your own coins the economy still holds because of Alchemical base, since coins are one of the easier ways to get gold and silver. The most consistant problem I’ve found with RP economies is most RPers are “tavern” RPers though and don’t like the idea of having restrictions. I’ve pushed for it many times on my own RPPvP server but people are so resistant to the idea for some reason. Honestly I think it’d enhance RP and encourage people to actually interact with people outside their cliques, and that is probably why they’re against it.

Yea some people do not like the idea but I think there are many who do. You could still barter for goods and services but coins would be a way for those who do not have the goods others want. They could get paid for things and then buy instead of trading.

Or another thing that could be done, if not turning off the blueprint, make it where it shows who crafts items. That way server admins could designate a certain creator as the only legit version. Others could be consider counterfeit on the RP server.