A few possible ideas for CE

First of all, I have only been playing about a week now, so please forgive me if I am not so knowledged compared to many who have been playing the game for quite a while now. I noticed in crafting there are coin molds to make several different kinds of coins. It made me wonder if a craftable “vendor” type device could be put into the game at some time? I do not know so much about the trade or economics of the game, or what kind of effect it would have, but I thought it could be a nice addition and a useful one for players. The vendor once crafted could be set up at player’s houses and the owner of the vendor could put items for sale on it. The vendor could have a Lock option just like the chests have where someone could not just walk up to it and take things without paying for them. I am guessing that the crafted coins could be used as currency to buy the player listed items on the vendor, or possibly some other form of currency. This would be another way for players to obtain maybe some harder to get resources or items but would still have to put in the work to get the currency needed to buy an item listed from another player. On the other hand, the player who sells the item or items on his or her vendor could profit from their effort of finding or obtaining, or crafting the item or items. I also wondered if a thrall could be set up at a house as a vendor? Lastly, I do not know if there are Gathering type thralls in the game already or not, but if not, I thought that if added to the game, they could be useful as well. Thanks for reading my ideas as possible additions to the game at some time and good luck in all your future journeys and endeavors!!