Help- after a game crash seams my character died "temp effect" and loose a lot great stuff

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Crash]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Server #1010 PvE] 2020.01.19-20.16.28 - 2020.01.19-20.48.34

[ Died and have lost a lot of great gear after game crash ]

  1. Use the Nemedian helmet to rapair some stuff in a extreme cold zone.
  2. When helmet do his work I open the inventar to switch to internet browser on sec. Monitor.
  3. Game crashes, ask for send report - I denied.
  4. Thought all is save because im logged off an go on do some things
  5. After some time start the game and login to the Server.
  6. Spawn naked in my bed - and no death Icon is shown on map. wondering what happend.
  7. Go to the place I was before game crashes but nothing there.
  8. Check out the Event Log.
    2020.01.19-20.16.28 Hediwha (Schwarzer Lotus) Died because of temperature changes
    2020.01.19-20-48-34 Loot Bag Hediwha (Schwarzer Lotus) . Decayed (a long list with all my stuff)

…losing a Reach of the Red Mother , The Breath of Red Mother, The Festering One and a lot of other great and modifed gear. I spend so mutch time to get them and it´s realy hard.

I am realy sad and angry !!!

The REAL “BUG”! it seams- You can die offline getting damage from temperature effects.
first I thought it was a problem game crash and server don´t recognizes you are offline.
but than i found this post:

PLS FIX or THIS … !!!

Hey @MaKuRi

Welcome to our community.
We’re aware of this issue and it’s been finally repro’d internally. Our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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