Help Finding Unfindable Items!?

First post here looking for help finding The Shark Bite Daggers, Hammer of the Whale, Jhebbal Sag’s Prowl Daggers & The Hooked Sword. Are these lootable in the world or are they only available in the admin panel?

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Just found Hammer of the Whale and Jhebbal Sag’s Prowl, still no info on the others though!

And where did you find them?

Found the Hammer of the Whale in a loot box outside the Neebs Easter Egg just outside The Den. The Jhebbal Sag’s Prowl I found from defeating the Priest King boss in The Warmaker’s Sanctuary

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I’ve found the hooked sword in a chest just in front of the door with 4 levers that traps adventurers, at The Den (just under the place where Du’neman the Dragoon spawns)

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Shark’s Bite is there, too. Or can be, at least.

nice thanks guys!

The main issue here is the box that carries these items is bugged out half the time you farm it!

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Destroying the bugged box should solve your issue.

Should that also work in PvE?

Was there several times… always unable to open any box around there. But I got the cleaver and the weapon from the Werhyena.

I play PVE and yes you can break the boxes. They respawn unbugged.

"Room with 4 levers to trap adventures, "

Coordinate please? Picture of location on map???

I know about destroying the boxes to ‘debug’ them, these 2 boxes will not destroy however.

the location is mentioned above behind the spoiler thing!

Here is a clip of me trying and failing to destroy the bugged boxes:


Doesn’t work for me!

That’s so weird. How we can have 2 totally different experiences on the same game. Are you playing on an official server?

No I am on a private server and quite literally every other bugged box I am completely able to destroy it, except these two!

If a bugged chest has been destroyed already, it may respawn an indestructible chest. This chest is in addition to a normal chest that will respawn too.

The indestructible chest cannot be opened and will make it impossible to see if the normal chest has respawned yet since they both occupy almost the same space. They do not overlap perfectly, however. You can usually interact with the normal chest from two of the four sides of the box and will be blocked by the indestructible one from the other two directions (and probably from the top too).

The normal chest can still be destroyed, but its contents only generate when you open it for the first time after it has respawned, so trying to access its contents around the indestructible one by just destroying it again will not work (unless it has already been opened once).