Help finding vaults on ps4 map

Can anyone Help me find Vault location on ps4 map? The videos on YouTube look different from my map. Thanks

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what map u play on?

Also find the interactive map here.

Hope that answers your question.


Isle of siptah. The map you posted is the one that looks different from mine.

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send us a pic of ur map plz

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Well the above map is the original isle of siptah map without the isle of dusk and dawn. The vault locations are the same either way. If this isn’t the case, then you aren’t playing the isle of spitah.


Processing: Screenshot_20210813-110714.png… not sure if this will upload. It says new users cannot upload. I really appreciate your quick response and help. Im still new to conan exiles.

Is it the same on ps4 as on a pc? I play on ps4.

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Yes it is the same there is a link above to the interactive map.

They added two new islands in the South, but the map posted by @Zeb didn’t include those. However all vaults are located on the main Island as displayed.

In case you can’t see the interactive map it’s here:

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Thank you so much. Yeah this is the one I didn’t have. How do in get this one for ps4?

Oh I think I realise your issue… you need to buy the Isle of Siptah DLC, and join an Isle of Siptah server :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this your map? :

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Yeah that’s the one I have. Oh ok. Thanks


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