SIptah Map link that works

Hello! I sure hope someone can help. I have been searching for a Siptah map and have only found dead links. Does anyone have a working link? Thanks so much!

I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking for or not. Hope it helps @DoriM


Appreciate it, but when I try the link it gives me “Safari cant open link” so I dont know if its because I’m using Safari?

Ahhh, yes. Try a different browser. Chrome works fine for me but I am sure Firefox or Edge would work as well.

Yep, that’s the one I use/used - still seems to work fine with Firefox - sounds like maybe it’s a Safari ‘thing’.

If you’re looking to use it to complete the ‘Explore entire island’ journey step/achievement, be aware this map is missing one location (on the Isle of Dusk) - if that’s what you’re after, let us know and I’ll find and add the link to the recent thread where someone explained/showed that location :slight_smile:


This map needs an update.
3 places missing and a few places for recipes.

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And then book mark that page to your home screen and you always have a quick access interactive map😊

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