Help for dead ps4 server - everyone welcome


Hi Guys,

If u interested in pvp action on a fancy server with a daily restart then visit our server: NEMESIS is the choice. me and 3 other irl friends rented this server and are willing to do our best to keep the server going.
Unfortunately the people who were on the server just left, although we as admins never intervened or smth. like that.

We’re just in search for a community if u just want to build, slay and have fun on our server u can come i just want some interaction otherwise its really boring.
MSSG me ingame if u need informations ------> SippinOnRaki

also if ur interested in roleplay things like that i built a really huge thuranian castle near the sinkhole with everything u can imagine a duel arena, all altars, a real marketplace where u can trade ur goods, just check it out its really a see worth!

Our goal is really to build a really nice server community