HELP PLEASE DEVS - Player Claims He Died And Was Returned To The Character Creation Screen

Hi Support,

I’ve been running a private server for many months. On launch, we made this a PvE-C server.
Everything has been running fine, except for today we have 1 player with a big issue.

He had been playing on our server for a few weeks. He had got himself to level 30

He claims he died, watched the animation after death and the timer go down to zero. Apon respawning, he says the game hung. He restarted his game, rejoined the server but was taken to the character creation screen and is now back at level 1.

Two issues here - First is, is this a known bug and is it in the queue for being fixed?

and Second, without making him an Admin on the sever, is there any way I can give him his levels back or restore just his player account?

The other 20+ players online havent had an issue, the server hadn’t be patched, restored or even rebooted, everyone else is fine. Of course, I do understand that this player might have deleted his character by accident instead of Remove Bracelet button and simply not owned up to it. Please advise.

Urgent response would be appreciated.


One method I know would work would be to restore a backup from before this bug occurred; that would of course reset the entire world back to that point, which is probably not a reasonable option for you.

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