If I die in a Golem fight, a series of unfortunate events happens

that is,

  1. revive timer does not count down
  2. revive button does not work
  3. I get kicked out of the arena for not fighting
  4. I get deserter so I miss out on the boss that hour entirely

Or, instead of 3+4, I can exit to character screen in which case the game just crashes, but I don’t get kicked out of the arena until I log back in so I get the reward for killing the boss. I still get deserter.

Friend died and couldn’t resurrect even after relogging, zoning(she was able to meetup), and changing characters. She was able to resurrect after using /reset.

Some additional info;
/stuck told her she was still in combat, group window showed her with full hp and i could even buff and heal her,
she was having huge fps issues(which eventually crashed her), and revive timer was also broken. We also tried zoning into dungeon,which updated her HP to 0,but did not let her resurrect.

Pretty sure this is a lag thing. The server is overwhelmed and doesn’t process your death properly. It’s definitely a sync issue and I’m absolutely positive it’s related to server lag. No “proof”, but it checks all the boxes. Same problems that have plagued us since day 1 of TSW. Either the servers are underpowered or the server code is horribly optimized. Given how badly optimized the client is, I can’t say I’m surprised.

This has been happening to me for a while now. /Reset does allow me to finally revive. Without that, I’d get zoned out, deserter Debuffed and STILL wouldn’t be able to rez…! Until it gets fixed. spread the word about /reset to get out of this predicament!