[PS4 - Official Server PvE # 3980 South America] Frozen game, I died in action, my body disappeared and later the server rebooted, killing me again

Hi. Today was a frustrating day. In the afternoon, when I was attacking a camp with another player (we are not friends), my game unfortunately paralyzed and I was killed by an enemy soldier. When I tried to reconnect, I was unsuccessful 3 times in a row! Finally I appeared naked in the desert and ran to the place to find my equipment in my body. When I arrived at the place, slay all foes and I looked at all likely places. Even the map highlighted the place of my death, but there was nothing in the region. Maybe the other player has sacked my corpse (I do not know if that’s still possible, but I’ve read a post about this problem), but I have no way of knowing what happened (and even if that happened, I can not do anything either because griefing does not is subject to inspection or punishment). The fact is that I lost all my items and had to redo everything. Oh, and I also lost my tattoo.

Other than that, I later died in the same camp because the server restarted and the enemy killed me within that time. Luckily this time I was able to rescue my body.

I would like to ask for three things:

  1. I know that Funcom is already working on this, but I ask you to keep the servers “stable” … without repeated reboots, for example;

  2. I do not know if this is possible on PvE servers, but I did not let other “vulture” players simply plunder the bodies of people who eventually die;

  3. Regardless of the cause of death and the time of delay, give the player a concrete chance to rescue his body with all his equipment. These itens are valuable.


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