Help pls there are cheaters in my server

Hello, Currently we are under attack from Chinese cheaters on our server which uses speedhacks, which manages to give itself unlimited gods, what can we do? … how can this kind of cheat still exist on conan, it’s absurd. .

I have reported so much about this issue and they have done nothing. They walled off the starter zone and destroyed everyones beds and bedrolls so everyone spawns outside of the wall. The fact that they let the weekend come and hadn’t removed the wall speaks volumes. Very sad that as a new player i am being welcomed into the game with this kinda of experience. So far all i have experienced is cyber bullying and a lot of really vindictive cheaters playing a game that i was loving so much before this happened. I loved it so much that i bought all the DLC’s to show my support for the game. What do i get in return? Being bullied in my own home. Absolutely disgusting

This seems to be a regular thing now. It’s at levels which begin to promote conspiracy theories even.

Beyond Zendesk however, there are no official remedies. My suggestion would be to consolidate everything, pack it all up, and head to a different server. The problem is real tho. I play mostly on Asian servers and there are even those types in PvE - like, what’s the point of that??? So far for me, I’ve been able to ignore them or just look in wonderment about how that’s even a thing.

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Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

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