Help removing stuck blocks on official server 2878

I got raided by another clan, and in trying to rebuild, i found a few blocks that got places under my foundations by accident that are to far into ground to remove. Is there any way to contact an admin for the server to have them removed? or do i need to abandon that base area

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Fellow Exile I afraid Funcom won’t be able to help with this. If you can’t get with construction hammer hopefully the decay rate will be faster than your other building pieces and it will disappear soon. I have not heard of any tricks to remove a unreachable foundation. Guess you are on pvp so you don’t want to get caught and reported for using a YouTube glitch. @Daemos

Precisely. And it sucks. Had streamer losers wipe the server. They leveled my base but a few pieces had glitched and now i can’t rebuild

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Can you check the decay on the foundations that are left? Todays update may make a difference reports of stability issues. @Daemos

Sadly no. I can see they are damaged but to deep to check them

Have not checked since update,(the stamina bs already forced me out of game for now) but will check later if i go bsck today

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Let me know what happens. Have not logged in yet.

No dice. Still can’t access

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@Community any suggestions. Thanks in advance.


Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket, make sure to state this is not a report on another player and just a request for help with those structures.

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: