Help! Where's my Headhunter Collection? Where are my Buddy Keys?

If you experience any sort of processing delay while buying the Headhunter Collection, your items may not appear in your inventory right away. Don’t panic. Please wait 15 minutes, and then relog. The items should then be available in Claims (/claim) for you to redeem normally.

You may also need to allow 15 minutes from the original purchase for the Dark-barded Fading Black Horse to appear in your claims on Crom and Fury.

We sincerely apologize for any alarm or temporary inconvenience you might experience due to processing delays.

Lost your buddy keys? You can retrieve them at any time by logging in to and clicking “Show Payment History” near the bottom of the middle column.

If you’re still missing any expected items after waiting 15 minutes and relogging, or if you’re having trouble with any of your buddy keys, please don’t hesitate to contact support through and we’ll be happy to assist you more directly. Happy hunting!