Help with a troll

Im on a PVE–C server, we have a jerk literally building everyone in, and its pretty game breaking for us all. Is there anything we can do

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If your issue is severe enough (which it may not be), staff may or may not take action accordingly.

Please report this issue to the appropriate place (“Harassment and griefing issues”) here and be sire to read the bold notes:

Whats Funcom’s definition of “Severe”, a player building in on people and stopping them from playing is pretty up there in my mind. After reading that link, I understand the aspect of not being able to support 1000+ servers, then why not reduce them and then support them? Considering a PVE-C server doesn’t allow you to forcefully remove buildings, we are literally stuck within the games own mechanics set in place if support is not there.

All im getting at is, if this player has done this over an over to a majority of the server does this make it “severe” enough.

I am only aware of an example being walling off the spawn / newcomer / river area.

I guess I will wait for a response then. Perhaps more Pmods/Gmods are needed.

This isn’t planned. It is explained on the listed page and further explained on

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