Help with dancers

Hey everyone … back into Conan after a break and having a blast on a new server … one thing is “bugging” me however. My dancing thrall. When I first put him down I could get to 10 entertained and it would work great, after that can barley tick up to 2 without it flipping off starting over going back to 2 then stop and start again. I never get past 2-3 then it stops and starts again… I remember these being buggy in early access but figured by now such a thing should have been looked at by now? Or is there something I don’t understand or that has changed how this works? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

It’s annoying. I think this is about server overload.
The whole AI thing slows down while player actions keep pace. Your buff expires because the dancer is on energy saving.

Hmm that’s disappointing I was so looking forward to working dancers … oh well can’t have it all I guess lol

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