[PS4 - Thralls dancers] Thralls dancers can play music too?

Sorry for my ignorance, but I wonder if there are thralls that can play music… like the drums that exist in the game. I’ve never seen “musicians”, just “dancers”. It would be a fun way to make the base more lively.


I don’t believe there are but that would be an awesome idea!

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I was thinking about this same thing just the other day. Perhaps they offer a separate buff? It be a cool idea for devs to think about.


Funcom in the past referred to entertainer thralls that we’re not just dancers but could be musicians as well. As far as I know this has not been implemented. I am not sure if this is still planned for CE at some point.

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One thing is certain, I understand that if they add a “musical” function in these thralls, it will be interesting to also diversify the instruments that are available in the game. I remember that in comics there were parties or banquets where it was possible to find these musicians, it is more a question of doing research. Oh, but really the dancers are an important part of Conan’s universe. Lol. It was not uncommon to see the warrior drinking and eating having a beautiful half-naked dancer making the cimmerian more “lively”.

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