Help with switching clans

Hi Exiles

I have a question. I have googled for an answer but nothing comes up for my question.

So I have a buddy who is the sole owner of his own clan. He wants to join my clan. He is wondering if his stuff will delete when switching to my clan.

Does he just accept an invite from me? Or does he have to delete his clan first, then accept an invite to my clan?

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If he’s the last person in the clan (which would make him the clan leader) you should be ok, he has to leave his clan first but when he leaves his clan, everything will still belong to him and when he joins your clan it will all carry over to your clan.


Recently my wife had a solo clan with alternate character she left the clan joined with us invited her in her belonging we’re then ours it worked have done it one other time. Ps
It was official server


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