Here is some feedback about thralls mechanics



There are places you can build inside the volcano.

If you don’t want a base directly in the volcano, you’d need to build a base where you have a walking path into the volcano as once you go through one of the caves you get a loading screen and with the loading screen you lose the thrall.

Example of walking path into volcano would be by Road of the Pilgrim…near Black Keep.


yes you have to place a wheel inside the volcano if you want to be extracting thralls the easiest and most efficient way, otherwise, as sirmang said, you can walk in and out of the vocano with your thrall bound on your rope as long as there is NO LOADING screen. There are 2 “loadingscreenfree” entrances to the vocano that i know. they are both in the south, but there must be probably other “loadingscreenfree” entrances that i simply didn’t discover yet. Other than that, all other entrances do need a loading screen to let you in.

In my opinion the best spot to place a wheel of pain there is near secas the smith (can always make a screen if needed) but if you plan on getting risa the brutal and every other thrall from the well of skelos, then you’ll have to work for it, you’ll have to build on / over the lava if you don’t want your thrall getting killed by the lava 3/4 of the time. it’s a bit annoying but still doable.

don’t hesitate if you have more questions, we’ll be glad to help if we can.
And gg for your purges mate :wink: don’t forget to tell us about your nice t4 catch in your thread.


Strategically on PVP it’s a bad idea to build a wheel in the volcano. Everyone knows why it’s there, and hits it first for a free Taskmaster and to kill your cooking thralls. I suggest the “obsidian entrance/exit” into the Frozen North close-ish to the Black Keep, where a good thrall/map base can be built.

Thank you for the heads up on dragging thralls and lava. It has not occurred to me, so I must be lucky, but I will be extra-observant in the future.


yeah makes sense, but i think “bryson mc rock” is playing in pve with teamates only so no worry for him in that matter.
i lost sthing like 4 risa and a few t4 tanner (don’t remember his/ her name since he has changed is gender recently) while dragging them near the lava.
Anyway your post could come in handy for PVP players i guess.
You know how fond of PVP i am :wink: !!!


Our previous conversation on the subject of PVP was foreshortened, but if I may just add one observation: most people agree the Exiled Lands are too big for one person to rule. This is why we are culturally tolerant of Clans. In a server of several solo players, where each player is immortal – because in CE we truly are immortal – I am left with only one choice after a loss: do I return in shame/revenge/anger/lol? Or do I leave?

I suspect this is a bit like our mythology of Titans: bored of playing with each other, they invented themselves. Thus if the server is just filled with trolls, why not just leave, instead of returning to shame or defeat? PVP affords the ultimate choice to players who wish to be as Hyperion himself. :smiley:


because of honnor, pride, self esteem and spirit of competition (never surender). Moreover let’s not forget there must be some kind of fun and joy at outplaying others, even after a defeat (even more satisfying i guess)
But i got your point.
In my opinion pvp servers should be RULED by a wise or serveral wise admin in order to make it enjoyable for everyone, but of course i cannot have a proper opinion on that matter since i know nothing of PVP ygrid :wink:
But let’s not deviate too much from the topic.


thank you all for the advise :slight_smile:

we are specifically playing on a dedicated server so we have the power but because power is corruptive we are so kind to the world to let nobody suffer under our corruptive minds :wink:

The point with the “build something else you might loose your thrall in the lava” is a good idea and the tanner somehow became aggro to me. Her name translated into English would be something like “fast tongue” so I don´t know if this is her english name too :slight_smile:

no idea why I can remember that name so clearly…


Just put your taskmasters in a vault after use next to the volcano base, everyone does that in the PvP servers no need to place the wheel so far away


Nice tests and anylisis !

I didn’t never test it so far, but it was a fact for me since EA that the higher the thrall the better, still in same faction.
Then fighter i gived them mostly the best weapon i could, corresponding to what they used by default.
Archers, best bow to, and of course i love snake-arrows ! For my thralls and for myself. :wink:
Like you said, other arrows don’t work better than default ones, so i stuck with snake-arrows, simply the best !

Now what would be nice, similar tests for armors, and the upgrades for them.
Not realy sure how much upgrades are working for thralls, at least the last time they seem no more lose the upgrades i put on theyr armors like it happened a time. But there isn’t realy any reason they shouldn’t work on them after all.