Here we go again: 1111 lag

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: LAG
Server type : PVP 1111
Region: Europe

First the 1100, then the 1110, then the 1200 and now the 1111. Every server that reaches 40 players ends up having these problems. Why don’t we stop playing in mass so that they know they have to fix?


I came to see if other people were having the same problem as me.
After yesterday’s update the game was lagging for me LIKE the previous update, I played yesterday morning before the update and it was PERFECT running normal on Ultra, so around 10 am when the update was for me the same as super lazy october update, so i downloaded from ULTRA quality to LOW quality and do you believe that even in LOW quality the game is still super legacy for me?
My tactic is to play too little waiting for them to fix again like they did last time, which is WELL hard for me wanting to play the news of the game.

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