Heroes among us

As the title says…
We have heroes among us, people that worked a lot, hours and hours to organize the wiki page. The least we can do is to say thank you and give them the proper respect when we are lucky to chat with them. Other than that I would beg the forum @Community to consider a title as “wiki editor” at least, but this I will leave it to the rest members judgment too. It wouldn’t be difficult after all @TeleTesselator to organize a poll for that :wink:. I believe now, that this forum is having it’s population back, we should at least leave a thanks to all these wonderful people and pay our respects. @SirBowen was kind enough, as always, to send me a list of the people who have worked in this page. I lost my jaw to the floor when I witnessed how many people have contributed for this page, look

Yes 6402… Omg, awsome!
Yet the greatest part of this work has been done by less than some decades (if I am not mistaken), and now only 2 persons work physically every day in it. Yet update is coming, with loads and loads of new information…
So buckle up people, we need to help the best we can. So feel free to recruit too, after all it’s from us, for us :man_shrugging:.
Please feel free to share anything you know for all these wonderful “heroes among” us and thank them :grin:.
Here is the ladderboard with all the persons who worked in this page
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.


And there’s likely more than 6402… I’ve edited about 12 pages and written about 40 sentences and it doesn’t even list me.

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Did you use the same nickname when you edited? If not what was it? And how exactly you get inside this community, what is the best way to help?

@Tephra or @Testerle can you please provide some feedback about it? Volunteers may come but at the same time too much “traffic” may cause issues and make the process “disfunctional”.
So, what is the best way for a member to provide help?

How to get started; find something that could be improved and improve it.

I do recommend creating an account. Not only will you no longer have to see all of the ads (a benefit even if you don’t edit), but you will also be able to get credit for your edits, and other editors are less suspicious of registered users.

Don’t be afraid to edit because you think you might make a mess or screw up the formatting, you very well might, but veteran wiki editors will fix it for you.

If you do something wrong, it might get reverted. Don’t take it personally, if you don’t understand what you did wrong, and no explanation was given in the edit summary, just ask.

Many pages are auto-generated by Testerle using a bot that pulls data from the devkit. It will keep a lot of the pages updated to the most recent patch, but any pages that are not auto-generated have to be updated manually, which may be a significant undertaking and has to be repeated every time Funcom changes something. This is especially a problem with Siptah content, as Siptah is not generally accessible in the devkit.

The wiki will also prioritize the actual game, so if Funcom’s spelchekkers slack off, the wiki will replicate all grammatical and spelling errors, and “correcting” them will be reverted to always accurately reflect the game.

If you have specific questions about editing the wiki, join the Unofficial Conan Exiles Discord and ask in the #wiki channel (you can also get a Wiki Editor rank on the Discord if you make at least three useful contributions to the wiki).


And I would add that good English abilities are a must - if you’re editing any of the English texts. Write, proof read, pause and think, proof edit again.

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It needs talent and devotion above all I guess, but your novelty is high to say something like this about you. Every time you and your “kind” reply to my humble messages I am really happy and exited…
For you and your fellow wiki editors

This is what you are for me.

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