Hi All. back after a while off

Morning all.
Just wanted to say a quick hello.
Three of us in our tribe. We played when it was in early access but left while it was built up.
Just joined and started all over so wanted to say hi.

How has it changed over the last year or so?

A lot has changed, probably too much to describe here. I’d recommend testing stuff in single player admin mode for a while to get the feel of everything.

xbox version has a long way to go still…:frowning_face:

2 of the tribe have set off with out me so ive got to catch up with them anyway.
Ive noticed there is taming etc now.
Was all pretty basic the last time i was on.
Is it worth running about for a bit to get used to it all again???

PvP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJZnHn3r5G4

Enjoy your game! :slight_smile:

Thanks all.
Spent a few hours on last night. luckily had a the other 2 on so they helped with a basic sword. made it 10x easier.
Staying in the easy part for a bit till we have built up a bit and have a bit of something behind us…

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