My expierene so far

Update. Just logged into Siptah. Server 7080.
Instantly. A large campfire, and a Torcherers Bench lost Stabilty.
Hopefully thats the end of it.
I seem so far to escape the horrors everyone is mentionion.
I’m on official Pve server. 2727. Xbox Series X with a good gaming monitor.
What ive noticed.
My Camel is invisible. All I see is his lips and eye balls.
The Frost Dragons North of the Great Damn by the “High Way” cave entrance are invisible.
More often then not. I can keep running without my stamina meter dropping.

For the love of god. Is there not a better way to haul heroic treasers back? Took me 20 mins to walk from Asagarth to The Damn. Another 45 from The Galleon. Kinda takes the fun out of the game. Gotta a feeling you are going see all these treasure rooms by the Big NPC bases.

I just carried a statue from the jungle to the oasis. How is this fun? Making players walk, slowly, from across the map. Who came up with this idea? Is that why mobs have a smaller aggro radius? Did they just have no ideas for this age?


im not defending the idea they came up with, walking all the way back to base does sound absolutely horrible. BUT they did make it so you can teleport while holding heroic treasure, i think the idea is just construct a teleport pad nearby and woosh, you’re home.

You can’t swim with the big treasures either.
The fun is going to start on PVP when the muggings begin.
The fun is going to start on PVE when small raider bands try to rob you on your way back to base.

I found bladesmith and put him in gibbet. Half an hour later he is finished, taskmaster is no longer needed
only need them now for torture table I guess

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