High priest journey bug

I’ve built and upgraded all altars to max already, and it won’t let me complete the first journey step for high priest. I visit all of the altars and nada.

Greetings @DavidtheBarbarian1 ,

Can you share a screenshot of the “High Priest Journey” steps opened as well as an altar on max level?

Please, take into account the altar should be leveled to max after unlocking the journey step.

So question about the High Priest journey, since the last step is to summon an Avatar how can players on PVE servers complete this journey? Isn’t Avatar summoning disabled on PVE?

For the first journey step, I had this problem several times. After my 3rd alter upgrade I was about ready to give up. I was able to resolve it by starting the final upgrade of my altar, exiting the inventory, then I had to be standing at the altar when the upgrade process completed. As soon as the graphical update triggered and showed the altar upgraded on my screen, the journey step completed.

Keep in mind all of my alters for all religions were already upgraded! You can’t build a second.

Workaround for me was copying character to siptah where I hadn’t built all of my alters and upgrade it there. Single player.


Yes you can.

Surprised no one mentioned in this topic that the journey has nothing to do with a high priest. In order for it to complete, you need to use an arch priest in the shrine, not a high priest. Unfortunately, it explicitly states “high priest.” I completely wasted my time capturing a high priest and went to place it into the shrine and… nothing. I put the arch priest back in… completed. That should definitely get a fix.

FYI, this is on PlayStation, but I imagine it’s the same on all platforms.

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