Minor bug report about jhebaal sag shrine incorrectly advancing the upgrading to tier 3 journey step of high priest journey

Just a little bug that I got, when I upgraded my Jhebal Sag shrine to tier 2. I had the high priest journey step open, in preparation for upgrading a shrine to tier 3 and activating that step of high priest. Welp, when the shrine finished turning into tier 2, it activated the step. I had just upgraded all the other shrines to tier 2 and it didn’t happen, so maybe someone reversed tier 2 and tier 3 in jhebal sag code, with regards to flagging high priest journey step. hopefully that doesnt mean that upgrading to tier 3 would fail to activate the journey step for others. Thank, take care. -K

as an addendum, I just tried advancing the high priest journey using thralls in my Web of Zath. the Priest of Zath (tier 2) didnt work to advance it, when I moved the thrall in and out of the shrine multiple times, but when I placed the Apostle of Zath (tier 3) back into the shrine priest slot, it advanced the journey completion to the next step (making a god bubble). It is POSSIBLE, that due to lag it only seemed that way, but I think that the tier 2 and 3 guys are maybe reversed in the coding. EDIT: At least with regards to the Zath shrine I just advanced the journey with.

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