Still no avatars on official ps5?

Are avatars still disabled or am i experiencing a bug on official servers?

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Welcome to the Forum. Good question. Some one launched one on the Official pve-c server We play on about a month ago but may have been for journey step

Thanks! Problem is i cant craft the true name coin to even summon the avatar.

For a second I was thinking Conan Exiles avatars for psn. Lmao… I was gonna say, “yeah! Where’s my avatars?!” :rofl:

Anyway, I did one with the new journey steps a month or so ago. Other people on my server did as well. All on official PvE.

Did you put an arch priest in the shrine? The journey says to put a high priest. That’s incorrect.

Yes i had a archpriest and farmed all the zeal :slight_smile:

Weird. Which shrine did you try? Have you tried other shrines?

Shrine of mitra,did not try new ones as i just finished farming 500 zeal for this one :rofl: will make a new one soon to see if it was just a one time glitch​:+1:

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Yeah… it’s a lot of work. However, there’s only one way to see if it’s a bug exclusively to that shrine (or the shrine you built has a bug). There’s just not enough information to be conclusive on this since many people have made it work just fine. I don’t envy your position.

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