Hoar-Frost Hatchet

Hi fellas, I have a question regarding the Hoar-Frost Hatchet. As I understand It should give me ice shards when I collect wood, however it gives me nothing. Am I doing something wrong or has it changed somehow?

It used to give ice shards when chopping wood; I think it was not guaranteed but rather a chance to get some. But I believe it was changed to collect ice shards only from human corpses, like all other religious harvesting tools.

Frankly, giving Ymir’s followers a pacifistic option to collect religious materials while all other religions needed to murder passers-by was perhaps a bit unfair.

Mitra probably should have a pacifist option.


Most religions in the past (and some in the present) that preach peace are usually very violent or make up religious excuses as to why their type of violence is actually a means to provide peace.

I think murdering people and ripping out their souls in the name of peace is very fitting for the era…haha.

Please lets not delve into real religions though, as thats always a bad idea to discuss. Right politics anyone?..kidding kidding

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Im kinda tempted, but had my daily share of political/religious rage already, so running on fumes lol…

And yes guys, you are right, I need to harvest corpses…dammit :-/

The problem with the current state of Ymir is that he gives items far to expesnive to bother with.

5 ice shards for a piece of ice…which is easy to gather is meh. As is black ice. It’s easy to get.

The arrows have utility. But I figure they should have a secondary effect. Chill or perhapa even the water orb effect to put out fires.

But asking for feathers, branches and a heck of a lot of ice shards is meh. Foe Shatter is ok. Looks cool, but I don’t even bother putting down a Ymir Shrine.

Zeal for arrows like Set would make him useful. But you need to masacre entire cities for enough shards to make 30 arrows.

Overall. Just not economic. You dont need Foeshatter. There are better options.

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Conan says it pretty well in his in-game dialogue: that the gods in the Exiled Lands are what people want them to be - weapons. Maybe it’s because people made the gods this way that the gods demand blood and body parts in return.


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