Horrid graph on siptah got worse after update

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 8062

Bug Description:

The trees have no leaves,the ground is blurred, and three is a horrid hue around all the lights at night

Bug Reproduction:

I walk to a different area and the small trees get leaves and big tree loose leaves, it glitches back and forth, same with the the ground. walk with torch at night.


Naah, it was this way before the last update but we couldn’t focus to it because we were constantly crashing before the new update :wink::rofl:. (joke)

Yes, it is a problem that needs immediate attention if possible, it’s very difficult because we cannot see the fiber plantation of the map too.
I use a lot quik orders to my thralls and instead of giving orders i harvest fiber from the invisible plant in front of me :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It must be fixed!

After the last patch which should improve performance i have a problem to play exiles land. Maybe my patience is running out here but freezes in combination with this waiting for doors after restarting the game makes me sick…

So I decided to restart on the siptah server i have lost everything because I could not login over 4 weeks after the 3.0.1 patch because of bluescreen.
The last two weeks I played only siptah and try to rebuild what I have lost. I made me a challenge on siptah that I try not to Google anything and not using an interactive map. Anyway… Last week I played very intensive… Many hours. I think I am back again where I was before this issue let my base decay.
In this time I had only 2 freezes. Only TWO in more than 20 or 30h. One way at a big base of someone i know here from forum. After restart I had rubber banding and need to restart a second time. Then everything was fine again. The base is big, but totally OK in my opinion. It was inside the malestorm so maybe this causes the freeze.

The second freeze i had on the bp menu…

Only two freezes in so much hours… And I don’t need to wait +20 minutes to load the base ( EL pvec problem)

There are so huge bases on this siptah server but don’t causes problems. I would say the performance is much better than before 3.0

I can confirm this leaves issue. they come and go… Sometimes 20 minutes no leaves then they appear and 15 min later again foliage and leaves gone…

But I can play. Only if I need fiber its good to know where the plants usually spawn :joy:

It’s playable for me not like exiles land but the way the forest looks like should be fixed… Or just build a story around… A forest fire or something or a witcher who don’t like leaves on trees :joy:

Oh yeah that’s totally annoying… And how often I am at 99% weight and pick up 4 plants and I need to fight with overweight and my followers still dont get my commands :roll_eyes:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, this too :+1:t6:

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