Horse Bugs Thread TestLive 3.0 (they look cool tho)

  • One has a Wheel bug. There’s a horse-head image for it’s inventory and the text says “Mount”.
  • For some reason all horses now attack (with no actual attack ability) when you tell your other follower(s) to attack. It’s good that we can now direct our mounts to move but they probably shouldn’t react to an attack command.
  • The “Effects” list is double rendering in the Stats page.
  • The “Wight Horse” has some geometry that catches your character - requiring a crouch to escape.
  • When the GUI is disabled the health bars still occasionally flash render anyway.
  • When the GUI is reenabled the name strings refuse to render for way too long (not shown in the video?).
  • Also I think the Normal Map on both the Wight Horse and the Undead Horse are missing or messed up.

If you encounter any other horse or mount related bugs please list them here. Thanks!


So which ones are temporary and which ones are permanent?

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I believe all the undead / demonic / specter horses are temporary?

But the undead one has a saddle so that leads me towards a skin, not a summons

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I changed out the video for slightly more informative one.

Hi @TeleTesselator and thank you for bringing these to our attention.

We’ve passed the information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.


Got to watch the video. So Wight and undead horses require leveling so that suggest skins but the lack of saddle on the wight horse is confusing. I don’t think that is a bug since I noticed it on their first tease vid so if it 's a skin and therefore a permanent thrall, what saddle is just embedded into the design (if any)?

Also the demon horse…I didn’t see a timer. How are we to know when it goes away?

I confirm that the mounts are responding to follower :point_right: orders. Maybe it’s unintended change.

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