Horse caparison

Does any one know how to craft them or learn them??

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I’m not sure if I understand. I know there’s where I do saddlers but, I can find anywhere to learn how to do caparison so, they don’t show up any where. I want to know is, how do I learn to make them?

Have you unlocked the Caparison from the Twitch Drop or Battle Pass? That’s for now the only way you can obtain Knowledge for this new type of horse armor. I believe there will be another one in the Bazaar later on.

If you have unlocked and claimed any of these two, then you should find the Knowledge under Novice-Saddle Maker (at least the one from Twitch), and as SirBowen said, they can then be crafted ay the Saddler’s Worktable.


ok I got you. I’ll take my chance to ask you, the bazzar or batlecoins must be allways real money? or we can with this money in game?

And thank you dear both for the awnsers.

Np. Items from the Bazaar, as well as the Battle Pass have to be purchased with Crom Coins which are an “out-of-game” currency you have to first buy with real money. If you buy and complete the Battle Pass you also always get some Crom Coins as reward, so you can use them again to either buy the next Battle Pass or buy items in the Bazaar.

Currently there is a free Caparison that you can unlock via Twitch Drop until July 6. If you need help finding out how to do that, we made a guide here.


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