Horses. Broken chances to lvl-up from food

Horses. Broken chances to lvl-up from food.

On any official server, no mods.
6010, 6422 - Siptah.

You can see that a broken horse has no chance of increasing Grit by eating.
At the moment, I see two of the four useful characteristics in horses: Vitality & Grit.
We can increase the chance of increasing the desired characteristic by forcing the horse to eat the appropriate food. However, we have horses with a broken schema. If you give her food, the chance of a completely different characteristic will increase.

I would like Funcom to review the food table and bring it to a common denominator. Horse need more variants of food to boost Grit.

At first I thought that it was possible to find external differences in the genitals (there are 2 options of studs), but no, it was just a coincidence.

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I feel I have to ask - How does a horse become a “broken horse”?
And even if a horse is broken, that 7% growth rate food it can’t eat won’t make it any different than a normal horse.

there is a similar issue with thralls no longer having an agility food.
cooked fish is supposed to be +14% agility but its not anymore :confused:

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You put the horse on the ground, determine what food to feed it, and the chance comes where it is NOT supposed to!
In the normal version, you have a chance of pumping +14% for 1 Characteristic, +7%/+7% for 2 Characteristics or +7%/+3%/+3% for 3 Characteristics. This has been the case for a very long time.
Compare with broken options.
And in the broken version, you cannot increase the +% Grit chance in any way. We have 10 types of food and only 4 characteristics. A broken horse cannot increase chanse to Grit-up! I claim that this is 100% a bug!

I see. That really shouldn’t happen. I haven’t noticed that since I have given up on raising the “best” thrall/pet. That 7% or 14% is too small to make a difference tho.

I’m constantly experimenting. I’m putting up dozens of horses. The minimum chance of an unnecessary Strength characteristic is 40%. This is almost impossible. These are usually values of 52% or 58%.
And a lot of horses, even from such a rare sample, are broken! This is outrageous.

Fish still is agility. I did it Saturday. What you are seeing is a combination of these three bugs:

  1. If you are on a dedicated server, your thrall buffs never update in the status window on the upepr left. The window is blank always.

  2. If a thrall is ‘satiated’, they have to kill one thing before any stat upgrade percent happens from force feeding. This is true of all foods, not just the agility one.

  3. Sometimes, right after a thrall levels, he needs to kill one thing before the % bonus from foods healing him to his new hitpoint level shows up. Again, all level up foods do this.

Feed your thrall a cooked fish, and go kill a baby deer. You’ll see the 14% AGI show up.

I guess I should say that this isn’t only a display error. They actually do not get the % bonus when it is not visible.

It’s not just horses. Animal pets get broken this way too.

Cooked fish is still showing up as +14% agility for my thralls. Just remove it from their inventory a couple of times, it’ll register eventually

DLC horses have a different diet than vanilla ones. If you’re after Grit, get either a black or white horse and feed it bark. Bark gives black or white horses + 14% to Grit. If you feed the same bark to a vanilla horse, it’ll affect agility instead

While dietary variation is true, this bug is that your same animal will sometimes get 14 agility and sometime get 14 grit from the same food. It’s intermittent, so you may have never seen it unless you trained up a lot of animals or horses.

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I have trained hundreds of horses on various servers.
Now I play exclusively on official servers. No mods, just a clean client.
I have made a modern comparative table of gains horses. The bottom line is that horses of the same color get different gains from the same food. A broken horse can be calculated if you feed it with the food that has two options for action. It used to be a rarity. Now this error is very common and I brought up this topic. I need the opportunity to give an increase of +14% GRIT and +7%GRIT/+7%Any in any color!

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The day i was testing it, i did test it correctly and it was doing strange things.
i tested again and now it seems to be working properly :man_shrugging: