Horses cannot sprint when over encumbered

Build: 3.0.1

The horse will not sprint when you are over encumbered and infact walks slower than normal. I have the move at full speed perk unlocked, this seems like a bug to me.

This is not a bug, it’s the same on 2.8 (current live) as well and working as intended. The concept is that you are able to move freely with that perk, but it doesn’t mean your horse can carry you while you are over encumbered. In order to move freely on your horse, you must stay at or under 99% encumbrance.

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ah. I see. I still think that should not be that way but if it is not a bug, thanks.

Yeah so if you want to not over encumbered your horse while riding it, put some of the stacks you are carrying ono the horse and the horse can now move normal speed.

That isn’t always a solution

I was joking…saying that the weight of you and your stuff is just too much for the horse but if you put some of that stuff onto the horse that will make you back in normal encumbrance and therefore the horse will move normally as well.

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