Mount + Follower

Thanks for this update it was greatly appreciated.

My 1 issue with it, however, is mounts still don’t move normally when the player is over encumbered.

Not sure if this is because of PVP players but on PVE/PvPc at lest for me I play 95% of the time over encumbered so the mount is still useless to me and is still more decorative than practical.

It would be nice to see non pvp servers have a server setting to ignore the player heaviness for mounts.


You’re right . Mounts should be able to carry more weight than the player. At least a horse could carry 2 players, so it should carry a player with 200 encumbrance.

I find it’s just silly that when I walk/run while over-encumbered I move faster than when I get on the mount and it moves slower than a turtle.

If you max out your encumbrance attribute it should also reflex your mounts.

Whatever dev designed this had a brain fart that day.

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